UHF Mobile

C72 UHF RFID Reader

C72 UHF RFID Reader . . RUGGED ENTERPRISE MOBILE HANDHELD COMPUTER Chainway C72 is an Android rugged mobile computer. It […]

C72 UHF RFID Reader

C70 Handheld Computer

C71 Mobile Computer

C71 Multifunction Mobile Computer . . MULTIFUNCTION INDUSTRIAL MOBILE HANDHELD COMPUTER Chainway C71 is an Android rugged mobile computer. With […]

C4050 UHF RFID Reader

C4050 UHF RFID Reader . . RFID UHF ANDROID HANDHELD COMPUTER WITH KEYBOARD C4050 is an Android-based rugged mobile computer. […]


PT2SCAN . . PT2SCANTM is a dual technology Scanner, RFID and Laser BARCODE, that meets most of the standards available […]